Tribal Restaurant

Per Aquum Niyama Maldives Tribal Restuarant

A Maasai warrior welcomes you with a Dawa, East Africa’s to-lust-for cocktail, drenching your taste buds with honey and lime. 
Hidden in the walls of the boma, dine on signatures like the Big Afrikaaner – smoky grilled OP rib kissed with lime wedges, margarita salt and the spice of chipotle. Dip Warm Ostrich Bobotie into a heavenly nectar of peach chutney, your sweet peri peri or the tartness of tomatillo confit.
Soak up the atmosphere after dinner with a Jebena coffee pot of African beans ground and roasted on site – from the deep mocha of Ethiopian Harra to fragrant Yrigacheffe to selections from hills and highlands across the continent.