Subsix Bar and Restaurant

Per Aquum Niyama Maldives Sub Six Bar and Restaurant

Feel the tingle of Dom on the tongue, six metres below the waterline. Parrot fish swim past shoals of Moorish Idols. Moray eels slide through the lagoon. Groupers make goliath appearances amidst the rainbow of butterfly fish and damsel fish, while the resident Hawksbill turtle glides in for a visit.
Reach Subsix by speedboat and descend a dramatic three-tier staircase. Italian abstract chandeliers illuminate the descent like shining coral. In the depths, hide away in the swooping curves of the clam-inspired bar, tucked into the soft anemone chairs beneath the soft waves of capiz shells draped from the ceiling.
Dive into Champagne breakfasts, subaquatic lunches, gourmet dinners and DJ nights along the theatre of the reef. Underwater glow parties illuminate the night every Wednesday and Saturday.