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The Kuramathi Medical opened 6th March 2000, a joint venture between owning company Universal Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Maldives and the Martin Luther University Halle, Wittenberg, Germany. In addition, they are fortunate to have the Kuramathi Medical Centre and Hyperbaric chamber (largest in the Maldives) on the island which is manned by a European diving physician and GP – just for peace of mind.

The facility is also designed to handle all emergencies and is equipped with modern diagnostic devices for ECG, X-Ray, Microscope (ENT) Examination, ultrasound scanning, Doppler, defibrillator, spirometry and audiometry, and a small ward with two beds. Two German doctors are employed at the clinic; one of them is a specialist for diving accidents and emergency medicine, and the other, a general practitioner.

A nurse and a chamber operator support the doctors in their work. The clinic also looks after the team. Regular consulting hours are arranged daily where both doctors are available. Modern EDP and information technology support the work of team at the clinic. There is email or Internet technology available to consult colleagues in the case of difficult problems or to use medical databases.