An island that sets seal on the Maldives’ romantic essence.

The stars have aligned perfectly for you: you have found your significant other and started your life as a married couple – now it is time to celebrate your love at a gorgeous place to truly live out your dream honeymoon fantasy. Above, below and by the water, honeymooners and guests looking for a beach break are in for a 5-star treat that holds a perfect balance between tranquility and pizzazz: sublime accommodation, generous all-inclusive service, spa indulgences, marvelous coral reefs and lagoons set seal on the notion that the island is worth a visit. Add to the mix the jewel in the resort’s crown, the world’s largest undersea restaurant ‘5.8’, and it becomes clear why you are bound to fall in love with Hurawalhi. Luxurious villas, intimate paradise, enticing dining and otherworldly sunsets  – just what you need for a heavenly honeymoon.