Ride The Waves And Be One With The Sea

If there are no more than four surfers, guest may use the 7-meter zodiac to access the surfing point with one captain, and surfing guides. If with have more than four surfers, guests may use the 14-meter diving boat, together with their zodiac.  

Ayada’s Favorite Surf Points
1. Blue Bowls
Approximately 25 minutes from Ayada Maldives.  Also known as Voodoos, Blue Bowls ranges between three to eight feet but is particularly ideal at four to six feet, with westerly wind during a southeast or southwest swell. This is definitely the place to head to if unsure about everywhere else.  

2. Five Islands
Around 15 minutes from Ayada Maldives and similar to Blue Bowls, Five Islands is a long right-hander well protected from south to southwest winds. More of a cannon than Blue Bowls,

3. Two Ways
About 15 from Ayada Maldives, Booga Reef, called Two Ways because it breaks to the left and the right, is located just across the pass from Five Islands.

4. Love Charms
Approximately 10 minutes from Ayada Maldives, Love Charms is Huvadhoo Atoll’s lovely little patch of lefthanders that you can always count on. Located right next to Two Ways,

5. Antiques
Around 25 minutes from Ayada Maldives and located in the same inlet between the islands of Gan and Gadhdoo as Tiger Stripes, Antiques matches every left that Tiger Stripes pumps out with a smaller, and more forgiving righthander.

6. Tiger Stripes
About 25 minutes from Ayada Maldives and to the northeast of Love Charms, in a narrow inlet between the islands of Gan and Gadhdoo, a lefthander breaks across a reef adorned with narrow gouges that look like stripes on a tiger.