Your Free 30-Day Visa Awaits

All tourists with at least 6 months validity period on a Machine Readable Zone passports are entitled for a free 30-day tourist visa upon arrival for all nationalities. Valid hotel booking and return ticket are required. After immigration procedures and collecting the luggage, there are tourist representatives, counters of resort hotels and tour operators, at the arrival area to assist the guests for their next destination. Crown Tours Maldives airport counter number is 18. 


We advise guests not to bring pork meat, alcoholic drinks, beers and liquors en route to Maldives upon arrival as having possession of the mentioned products will be confiscated by the customs department.


Releasable items from Customs Bond
Liquor and Alcoholic Products
Transit Cargo
Prohibited items (except Narcotics and psychotropic substances) will be bonded and released to foreign nationals ONLY at the time of their departure. These include restricted items as well as those imported with special permission.

Items for which a bond fee is charged:

Commercial Items: MVR 50 per Cubic Meter will be charged for each day exceeding 3 days from storage. This is not applicable for items stored as lost items.
Transit Cargo: MVR50 per day from the date of storage. If the status of the items change to imported items, bond storage fee will be charged for the duration for which it was stored.


Pork meat, alcoholic drinks, beers and liquors are served in all the resorts. However, guest houses on local islands do not serve alcoholic drinks.


Narcotics, religious idols, symbols of worship and pornographic materials are strictly prohibited.


Fore more information, visit the Maldives Customs Service website: