It's not just your average meet and greet service.

After clearing standard immigration procedures, our guest service representatives will then hasten to arrange the second leg of the guests’ journey to their resort destination of choice. Guests are transferred to their resort destinations from the airport via one of the three transport options available at Velana International Airport. 

The services we extend are not just your average meet and greet service. From arrival to departure, we keep tabs on every single guest to ensure that nothing is amiss and that their holiday in the Maldives goes smoothly and as planned. If a guest were to miss their flight out of the Maldives or even into it, our representatives will follow up with the resort or our partners abroad, enquire about the guest and ensure that everything is alright. This degree of concern for the welfare of guests, is somewhat unique to the travel industry in Maldives. This spirit of going beyond the call of duty to ensure the satisfaction of guests is well instilled among the airport operations team at Crown Tours