Lily Beach Resort & Spa Maldives – The Go To Place for the Food Lovers!

A resort famous for its immaculate beaches and the abundant tropical vegetation! Also famous is its striking house reef. Lily Beach has to be one of the most incredible places for diving. So divers, come along. The Tamara Spa will be your dream come true in paradise. Lily Beach Resort & Spa Maldives is the place to go whether it is a romantic getaway in Maldives or a family holiday that you seek.

But these aren’t the only things wonderful about Lily Beach. The island’s immaculate dining places trump everything else. Some of the restaurants include Lily Maa, Tamarind, Teppanyaki and Les Turquoise D' Aqua.

Lily Maa

Lily Maa, the buffet style restaurant will give your taste buds the desire to explore the true taste of Maldives. It is no exaggeration to say that the cuisine will end up seducing your taste buds. This incredible restaurant, the name of which means ‘flower’ locally is what one needs to sharpen their appetite with its extravagant and all inclusive buffet. This restaurant is a must visit in the beach. With the sand under your feet, you can have sumptuous food of your choice from the elaborate buffet that has been set out. What’s more, this restaurant at Lily Beach Resort & Spa Maldives is open for all the three meals of the day.


The Tamarind offers you not only a delicious feast but also makes it special with the dining in the deck experience. With the splashing sound of the gentle waves beneath your feet, the golden light of the sunset on the horizon enveloping you in its warmth, and the sweet scent of the Ocean flooding your senses, you can have a delightful meal of your choice from the Asian cuisine that Tamarind specializes in. The beautiful view is not only on the horizon but also in front of you. The deck is made up beautifully with a chandelier above the cooking station. The restaurant offers you dishes with spices which compliment the popular dishes of Asia beautifully. The menu offers dishes of Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisine. The dinner is made even better with the best hand-picked wines from the best wine cellars around the world.


Treat yourself to the finest dinner with the Japanese cuisine made for you by teppanyaki chefs. As the name suggests, the food here is cooked by the finest teppanyaki Chefs in an iron griddle right in front of you. Have a taste of heaven with a dramatical twist in the dishes that are native to Japan. This art of cooking takes the stage every evening at the AQVA Bar with a live session which will make your mouth water. The menu is complimented by fresh lobster and the finest Wagu beef cooked to perfection and look luscious.

Les Turquoise D' Aqua

This restaurant set on a deck that overlooks the ocean offers not only delicious food but also a great view to dine in. The soothing rumble of the waves beside you, the lovely colors of the setting sun can make even an unromantic person romantic. You can eat out in the open with the sea at your side. Feel the sea breeze wash over you. The soft splashing of the waves makes for some romantic music while dining. Les Turquoise D' Aqua is the best place for you to have a nice, quiet and romantic dinner with your loved one. Lily Beach Resort & Spa offers you this privacy and intimacy.

Aqua Bar

AQVA Bar has the most romantic of settings. With a lovely wood deck with a pool in there, it overlooks the sea with loungers for the guests. You can relax on the deck chairs nursing a drink in your hand. The infinity pool adds to the attraction of Aqua Bar with its unique allure. The relaxing setting, the lovely view of the ocean and the hospitality that you will experience at Aqua Bar will lure to this bar time and again during your visit to Lily Beach Resort & Spa Maldives.

Vibes Bar

VIBES Bar overlooks a huge and magnificent pool with sun loungers all around for the guests to use. Drinks, cocktails and light snacks are served late in the morning.  If you missed your breakfast after partying hard the previous night, you can pop in here to have something light. You can bask in the sunlight under the umbrellas on the sun loungers and relax. If you feel fresh and energetic, you can play pool, table tennis or table football in the games room and escape the sun too. If you are in for some real action, you can always play regular beach volleyball outside Vibes Bar on the sand. Little kids can amuse themselves by wading in the shallow pool.

The Spirit Bar

The Spirit Bar is the place to go for something light. Cocktails and snacks are served there in the mornings. This is yet another place where you can chill out in the mornings. Its uniqueness is that you can rest your feet on the sandy floor while choosing from a wide selection of drinks.

As you can see, with such wide choices of food and a wide range of dining experiences, do you need to go further than Lily Beach Resort & Spa Maldives.

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