How to Spend Your 5 Day Holiday at COMO Cocoa Island Maldives

When it comes to planning a holiday at Como Cocoa Island Maldives, five days is hardly enough. But getting away from the busy life and having a very memorable five-day holiday is bound to have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect on the body and soul.

With careful planning, we can plan a five-day that includes most of the attractions on Como Cocoa Island Maldives. One of the main attractions of Como Cocoa Island Maldives is that guests can come to this island in just 40 minutes by riding in the speedboat from the international airport on Male. The intimacy and privacy you can get at the resort in Como Cocoa Island Maldives will make you want to visit it again and again. Here are a few things you must do which will give you the true essence of the island. 

Ease into your holiday by spending your first day at the spa. At COMO Shambhala Retreat at Cocoa Island, one can enjoy treatments and facials for restorative skincare. The spa will help to bring a sense of balance to the mind and body. They help to address the problems of purification and stress. The Asian-based therapies will include massages, especially the COMO Shambhala signature massage. These services will be provided by skilled practitioners who will give attention to individual needs. Added to these are an open air yoga pavilion, treatment rooms, which includes one just for couples, gender separate steam rooms, and a huge hydrotherapy pool.

COMO Cocoa Island was the winner of the Maldives’ Leading Boutique Resort, awarded by the World Travel Awards.  On the second day of your visit, check out the beautiful view of the coral reefs in the calm, azure waters of the COMO Cocoa Island. The island houses a rich variety of sea animals which include ray and baby sharks. It is the best place for snorkeling. Dive in and have a beautiful look at the lush life under water. After all, Maldives is famous for its coral reefs. This being a sea without currents is the ideal place for families and for couples in need of some peace and quiet. Get ready to be transported to a peaceful and glorious place by its tranquillity. You can also have a private snorkeling session if requested. You will be taken to a private and quiet snorkeling spot.

On the third day of your holiday, you can have some excitement. Have a good time shopping in Malé. This place is often referred to as the shopper’s paradise. There are a lot of little stalls selling everything from different kinds of vegetables, fruits to local products brought from the atolls especially for you. There are also homemade sweets and pickles. The Malé Local Market is at a slower pace than the rest of the neighborhood, giving a sense of peace even there. You can travel around Malé in a taxi or hire a ferry.

What is better than spending a whole day exploring the island? You can do this on the fourth day. Visit the Kandooma Caves which being the biggest set of underwater caves offers a breath-taking view. They are the best in Maldives. You can also take the Island Cultural Tour where you are taken on an excursion for a couple hours. You will be able to see the existence of the islanders and the island itself for over a hundred years. You can also go snorkeling with the whale shark after traveling across to Ari Atoll on a speedboat. You can also enjoy an afternoon with the dolphins with the sunset on the horizon offering you a spectacular.

With all the activities offered, one shouldn’t forget to enjoy the essence of the island. The island is long and thin with a beautiful all day round. The real essence of the island has not been tampered with. The island boasts palm, hibiscus, and wild sea grapes. You can enjoy and have the best time just by spending time on the last day of your visit at the shore. Have a fun picnic with your family or loved one. You can also have some alone time with your loved one, leaving your children with the babysitter on-call at the island. What more do you need for a vacation?

The five-day vacation at Maldive's COMO Cocoa Island will have given you varied experiences filled with adventure on one day and peace and tranquillity on another. With rejuvenated minds and relaxed bodies, you can take leave of the island, with lots of memories and memoirs as well.

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