Come Visit Baros Maldives For An Incredible Experience

A holiday is a special time to spend with the friends and family, with loved ones, be it your beloved or your kids. Once you have decided to have an amazing holiday, the go-to place is Baros Maldives, no doubt.

Are you the kind of person who loves an adventure and water sports? Or are you the person who likes a little calm and quiet during the holiday? Or perhaps you love to shop. Maybe you want to have a romantic getaway with your partner. Whatever you are looking for in a holiday, Baros Maldives is sure to cater to all your needs and dreams.

Before we go into what makes Baros Maldives special enough for you, let us take a look at where it is. Baros Maldives is a small coral island in the central southern part of Male. A sandy beach and a living house-reef circle the island making it a beautiful sight to behold. Baros Maldives has won awards for its personalized service and the discretion they observe.

You can reach the island very easily by riding in the resort’s speedboats that are available 24/7 as soon as you touch down at the Maldives International Airport. In fact, a host from the resort will be waiting at the airport to welcome you and escort you to Baros Maldives. So the entire journey is hassle free for you.

What is so special about Baros Maldives?

Baros Maldives has quite a fascinating history and a rich heritage since it was just the third resort island when it was constructed in Maldives back in 1973. The Maldivian family who has leased it from the government are still running it today after more than 40 years. They attribute their success to the intrinsic beauty of the island. Since the time of its inception, it has been an island unspoiled by the nitty gritty of modern life. Yet it offers its patrons a luxurious holiday in Maldives amid the pristine lagoon, sandy beach and coral reef that make for its exquisite beauty.

The adventure lover would want to have a taste of the snorkeling and scuba diving facilities here. Baros Maldives has two centers to cater to your needs. You can go on snorkeling excursions wearing the free gear that is provided and have a look at the magnificent house coral reeds that are near the shore. Or you can hop over to the Dive center and learn scuba diving. The choice is yours.

If you are at Baros Maldives for a romantic getaway with your special partner, the ambiance here with its lush coconut palm groves and tranquillity will give you the privacy and intimacy you are seeking. Many villas have private pools where you can enjoy the luxury of a swim away from prying eyes. Baros Maldives even has a special package for those couples who wish to renew their vows. The organizers at the resort will take care of all the arrangements for you to review your vows in a special ceremony. You will also get a specially crafted wedding certificate. You will also be treated to a sumptuous dinner with champagne, befitting the special moments you just shared with your significant other. You will have a professional photographer will capture your special moments for you and you will also be given a photo album to cherish those beautiful moments forever.

The gourmets who are looking for an exquisite culinary experience have ample options to choose from. They can choose to have a delightful private meal on the sandbank in its own lagoon. Or they can have a Nooma dinner – a romantic dinner aboard the traditional sail boat called Nooma. A piano deck dinner will have you dine at a wooden deck shaped like a grand piano while witnessing the spectacular sunset with the gentle waves splashing around you. You can even choose to have your meals on the deck of your villa, the garden or even your bed if you choose to have so.

If all the peace and quiet becomes too much and you crave for a bit of excitement, you can choose to go on excursions on Nooma, or a cruise or a luxury motor yacht and spend the day island hopping.

However you choose to spend your days here on Baros Maldives, you will leave the island with a lot of memories and photos and a decision to return as soon as possible. Such is the allure of this resort Baros Maldives. You can never get enough of it.

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