Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Maldives group of islands is nothing less than a dream, and nothing compares to the memories and bonds that its guests take back home with them. However, when a perfect vacation is being planned, the most important part is selecting the right time to visit the location in concern.

The Maldives are at their best during the months from November to April, when the sky is clear and the sun shines brightly upon its guests. It is at this time that tourists from the Western part of the globe can experience some warmth and riddance from winter-time blues in their respective countries. The temperature is usually around 25 degrees at the beaches, which is just right for sunbathing and swimming sessions. The months of May, July, September and October also promise adequate sunshine and comfort, but they bring along humidity as well, which is usually not so welcoming.

Winter honeymoons are spent best here at Maldives, when the dry season rules out all humidity and comes with plenty of warmth from the bright sun, coupled with, of course, seclusion and pure joy. During the months from November to January, the tourists get to experience the overwhelming, extraordinary phenomenon - the bioluminescent beach. This is when a certain species of planktons release a blue glow, creating beautiful patterns on seashores, making it look nothing less than a fairy tale. Besides, December, which is the month of happiness and cheer, is best spent at Maldives where the Christmas spirit is sure to warm every person’s heart.

February to April is designated as the hottest time and is also the season where most tourists from all over the world report. Everybody looks for the best accommodation, and pre-booking is a hit during this time. You can laze around all day under the bright sun on the beaches, while your kids make sand castles and play in the cool waters or perhaps, go for a spa session to relax the stress out of your body that your hectic schedule back in the metropolis has gifted you. You definitely deserve some time off- and we are more than pleased to make sure it is the best spent by you.

May to July is when the wildlife in the Maldives is at its peak performance. Get a chance to experience and explore the rich, lush vegetation and wildlife of the country. Parades and celebrations on account of Republic Day are a feast for the eyes in the region during this time. For surfers and divers, this period is a pure delight and the discounts at this time help you out if you are on a budget.

During the months between August and October, the festivities are high. Being an Islamic country, the month of Ramadan, followed by Eid is celebrated in a grand manner, hence this becomes the best time if you wish to explore further the tradition and customs of the native Maldivians. Take back home with you a plethora of memoirs and souvenirs to brag about amongst your relatives and friends.

There is no bad time to visit the Maldives- it is all about your priorities and comfort zones. Get the greatest deals and exclusive offers for your holiday, contact Maldives Tour Agency and enjoy a lifetime of travel experience.

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