A Paradise with pools, Private Island Dining and an Outdoor Beach Cinema with Constance Halaveli Maldives

The Maldives group of islands is famous for playing host to thousands of tourists throughout the year. The islands are a treat to the eyes, and promise the best for you and your loved ones.

Unravel the best for you by planning your dream vacation on the perfect venue, coupled with the heartwarming Maldives’ hospitality and the warm welcoming whiff of the island resorts.

It is only natural that the islands accommodate a wide range of island resorts to provide their tourists with the best of both worlds. Amongst these is the Constance Halaveli Maldives, which offers comfort, luxury and seclusion, with its wonderful isolated location in the Maldives’ North Ari Atoll. The island is a dream, its natural beauty and lush vegetation making it nothing less than paradise for nature enthusiasts and even for the photographers among us.

The pure white stretches of sand aligned beautifully against the mesmerizing turquoise waters filled with colourful marine life work more than just stress busters, bringing families and loved ones closer into a tightly knit bond, one that lasts a lifetime.

Think of having an entire pool all to you and taking long dips into the depths in seclusion. We at Constance Halaveli provide just that, and much more. For divers, especially, private plunge pools are set up for the divers to take a refreshing dip and forget the woes and worries owing to our hectic schedules in our metropolitan cities. Test your swimming skills, hone them, or just sit back and watch as your companions have the time of their lives at these amazing pools.

Laze around on the sandy beaches, basking under the bright sun, sipping cool drinks to release the much accumulated stress, or get into the team spirit and indulge in a heated game of beach volleyball with your friends and family.

Travel the entire world as you relish sumptuous flavours brought from all across the globe, or get into the Maldivian mood and explore the wide range of experiments with the seafood. A haven for food lovers, the dishes served at Jahaz, Jing and Meeru restaurants are a pleasant burst of flavors, filling each one’s heart with warmth and joy. A plethora of the finest cocktails is presented; all you need to do is step into either one of Jahaz and Jing Bars and Wine Cellars. Jahaz offers international cuisines and themed evenings. Jing is a specialty overwater restaurant which serves fine Pan-Asian menu.

Movies may be the last thing you think about when you plan a vacation to a place like the Maldives. However, an outdoor cinema is one of the highlights here at the Constance Halaveli Island Resort. A private cinema alongside a beach, with a large daybed filled with cushions is all you want when looking for solace and peace.

Plan a vacation this holiday season with Maldives Travel Agents to the finest of resorts in the Maldives with your family and friends and go back to your homeland with a ton of unforgettable memories and strong bonds, not to mention souvenirs and new friendships for a lifetime.

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