5 Exciting Water Sports for A Perfect Adventure Holiday in Maldives

1. Jet Skiing

One of the most favoured sports in the islands of Maldives, this water sport offers a thrilling time to the holiday goers. Its terrific speed enthralls your spirit and you are sure to have an adventurous time in the waters. Hop up into one of these muscular mechanical beasts and take your significant other for a thrilling ride. Another equally exciting and alternative to this sport is canoeing. Similar to jet skiing you can ride a canoe with your partner and paddle through the vast waters of the ocean. Most resorts here have personal canoes available so you can go on a ride in one whenever you feel like. There are even single canoes available so you can ride one alone as well. The restless sea makes for a fun canoe ride.

2. Catamaran sailing

A catamaran is a popular watercraft that mainly consists of two parallel hulls with sails in the middle of each of them. They are often more preferred over boats as they can accommodate more people according to people's needs. The stable and spacious nature of the watercraft also makes for a better preference. This water sport is mostly used to explore the coral reefs and aquatic life in the blue waters. A mesmerizing ride as it is, often visitors choose to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays over a catamaran; after all what better way to celebrate such a precious occasion than being with your loved one, surfing along the calming waters while watching the sun set over the orange tinged horizon of its sprinkled hues. You can book adventure holiday Maldives with Crown Tours Maldives at some amazing cost.

3. Scuba Diving

As much as a dangerous sport this might seem at first glance, its bizarre experience exceeds your expectations. An underwater adventure straight into the depth and heart of the waters gives you a deep insight into the life that subsists right under the human civilization. It would probably be best to let your instructor know of you already know how to dive; anyhow do listen to his instructions carefully so as to get the best experience out of this water sport. Best experienced with your friends or partner! After all who wants to live breathtaking adventures alone?

4. Kite Surfing

How fascinating would it be to fly like a kite over the lush blue waters of the sea underneath? Kite surfing provides you exactly that and much more. Fly like a kite, or bird if you prefer, and feel the rush of the wind carry you along the lush hectic waters. A fast paced and adventurous water sport- it is sure to calm your adrenaline rush and make you want more of it. Swimming skill is not required so you can ditch the worry of drowning into the sea as it is a very safe sport, with guides always ready on the look out to help you.

You must have by now started to plan and book your adventure holiday in Maldives. Well, there remains one more adventure sports in the list that you should not miss experiencing while in Maldives.

5. Parasailing

Although akin to the water sport discussed above this water sport particularly exhibits the gut wrenching experience of flying paces above the water while getting a bird's eye aerial view of the rich floral islands of the Maldives. Stretching miles and miles over the Indian Ocean, the Maldives groups of atolls and coral islands will leave you with an etched photographic memory of the view from the skies. Take a leap of faith and know what it’s like to glide through heavenly winds and exhilarating air. A must for all hardcore adventure lovers this water sport is one you wouldn't want to miss for anything in this world. Enjoy the fantastical view of the beauty of Maldives, its coral life, the crystalline sand beaches and its lifestyle and take home eidetic memories.

What are you waiting for, book your adventure holiday in Maldives now!!

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