3 Best Beaches In Maldives For You To Unwind This Summer!

1. Naladhu Maldives is situated on the island of Velighandu Huraa, surrounded by a spectrum of majestic island gems in the South Male Atoll. Blessed with the divine and tranquil waves of the Indian Ocean on one side and powdery, warm side of the other, the luxurious facilities of the island is accessible to just 42 guests.

Gaze into the sapphire depths of the Indian Ocean and receive a blissful experience in the biggest spa treatment room in Maldives. Loosen your muscles and release your tension as you give in to a spirit of divine freedom, leaving behind the weariness of the modern day life.

Naladhu Maldives offers the visitors to accommodate in any of the twenty spacious and luxurious Villas, equipped with a godly private pool service.

Stroll across the divine atmosphere or wade through the crystal clear laps of the Indian ocean as the serene nature of the island resort transports you into a world of spiritual tranquillity. Untie your muscle knots accumulated through the weary years of the modern day life and enjoy the personification of a perfect vacation secluded from the metropolitan troubles at Naladhu Maldives.

2. Dhigufaru Island Resort Maldives is perched on the protected biosphere reserve of Baa Atoll. The island resort, meaning a 'long reef’ is the perfect personification of your perception of a hideaway from the modern day life. Dhigufaru Island Resort, Maldives, offers a perfect balance of scale between a vacation based on a simple relaxation as one enjoys the stunning and majestic beauty of the Island and the surrounding reefs and a vacation based on various land and water activities fuelling an ever present positive energy.

The accommodation service involves a total of forty villas that the visitors may dwell in consisting of a diverse range of luxurious architecture designed to meet the requirements of different visitors.

Dhigufaru Island Resort Maldives is a perfect balance between a scenic recreation amidst the majestic swaying trees, the simplicity of the divine atmosphere and the warm glow of the sun setting over the horizon and an active island resort bustling with uncapped energy as one enjoys various activities and the luxurious treatment of the traditional Maldivian service.

Enjoy the exotic experience of a protected and majestic biosphere reserve amidst the cultural pleasures of a luxurious Maldivian island resort, giving in to the pleasures of an elated vacation.

3Como Cocoa Island Maldives is most importantly renowned for its triumph in the 2015 World Travel Awards for Maldives’ Leading Boutique Resort.

Dwell in the majestic and the luxurious island resort overlooking the sapphire waves of tranquil and cerulean waters. The Como Cocoa Island resort is encircled by a ring of warm and welcoming white, powdery sand signifying the peaceful nature of the vacation that follows.

Receive the luxury treatment of a traditional Asian style spa as you enter a dimension made completely of tranquillity and serenity. Relax into the warm glory of the setting sun as various open air yoga pavilions are made available along with four treatment rooms, one of them being designed specifically for couples radiating an air of a calm and peaceful romance.

Bask in the luxury of any of the thirty-three gracious and welcoming villas designed specifically to meet your needs.

Dine luxuriously as multiple cuisines are prepared to conceive a diverse menu with lavish meals coupled with the coveted and essential presence of a bar for various beverages and light snacks.

Write your own definition of a perfect vacation as you enjoy the hospitality and the divine simplicity of these three island resorts, far away from the mundane complexities amidst the metropolitan culture.

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